Product Information

Mass Product Changer is an addon that helps you make batch changes to multiple products safely, easily and fast. It simplifies operations over multiple products at once and brings additional important features.

  Currently the addon is a part of the Store Manager and its functionality is available for free and without registration.

Add-on allows you to:

  • change product data in a few clicks;
  • make product pricing "smart";
  • make it safe by automating, thus minimizing human mistakes.

    Depending on the application you have, Mass Changers of product details are available as:

- in Store Manager for Prestashop  - this is a Mass Changers tool. Detailed information on its features you can find by this link.

- in Store Manager for Magento this is a Multi Editors tool.  Check the documentation page to get more details on its functional.

- in Store Manager for OpenCart is implemented the bulk editor of products details  - press the link to move to the appropriate page of online documentation.

- in Store Manager for WooCommerce you can use the Mass Changers tool in different  sectors of the program. It is represented in Mass Product Changer, Mass User Changer, Mass Product Tags Changer tools.

- in Store Manager for VirtueMart there is the Mass Product Changer, the detailed information on which you can find on this page.

- in Store Manager for ZenCart the Mass Products Changer tool can be used for bulk edit operations. The description of its functionality you can find there.

If you have additional questions or need any assistance regarding current functional - do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the necessary help and information.

By eMagicOne Inc.